Razor Dirt Quad Review (2022) – Best 4 Wheeler For Your Kid!

razor dirt quad

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“The Razor Dirt Quad has a weight capacity of 120 pounds and bears no chance of tripping over if you pick up speed.”

razor electric 4 wheeler

If you are thinking of buying a dirt quad bike for your child, there is no way better to go rather than Razor Dirt Quad Bike. It has been known to be the Best 4 Wheeler for kids and also very popular among all the other Quad bikes you will come across.

You do not need to worry about the safety or the durability of the razor 4 wheeler since it is meant for kids above 8 years of age. Before we go on with a detailed understanding of each feature, there are certain highlights that you can simply learn to start with. It looks spectacular with the sturdy build quality. Since it works with the battery power, the bike surely does have a long battery life so that you do not have to keep charging it constantly. Moreover, you may not have to think twice even if your kid’s weight is a little more than usual.

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This razor electric 4 wheeler has a weight capacity of 120 pounds and bears no chance of tripping over if you pick up speed. Other than this, it has a twist-grip acceleration for an action-packed performance all the time. With rear suspension, exceptionally powerful motor, and great quality wheels make it even more likable if you are looking to take up on a climbing surface. If your child is above 8 years of age, do consider this 4 wheeler dune buggy from razor.

We loved the padded seats and also the breaks worked perfectly fine to keep you safe if anything goes wrong. The bike has all the safety measures since your child might be using it for fun. Your concern is valuable hence the bike has been designed to keep it protected from any harsh weather, waterproof, shatter-resistant, etc. Let us know more about it and why is the ultimate Dirt Quad bike.


Razor Dirt Quad Features

Here are some of the key features of the razor dirt quad bike that will help you know more about this electric bike. It is highly suitable for children and you can make their days better with this superb bike. Let us see what it has for you.

Well, to start with the Razor Dirt Quad Bike is an exceptionally built electric bike that has been made with utmost precision. It is strong and sturdy that makes it capable for the kids to have a smooth ride. Moreover, you will hardly feel any bumps or trails while being on the ride. With an amazing shatter-resistant plastic fairing you get stability and durability on your adventure. Not to forget that it is highly water-resistant and will not hamper your electric bike functionalities in any manner. Furthermore, take proper care while washing it.

Since you are aware that the dirt quad bike runs on battery power. And hence it undoubtedly becomes an important aspect of the entire structure. This bike consists of two 12V rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries with a combined power of 24V gives a decent capacity. You can charge the battery for about 12 hours in one go. After this, the bike will continue to run for 40 minutes straight.

However, as you can notice that the bike does take half of the day to charge entirely with an output of only an hour at the most. Hence, make sure you have a clear mind about battery life since this is the best you can get for Razor Dirt Quad Bike. Similar to this, other bikes too have the same battery power. Furthermore, you need to take your electricity power into consideration too if you are planning to use the bike a lot.

You no longer have to worry about your child’s weight anymore. This bike can easily hold 120 pounds of a child at the most with complete ease. Moeroerva, there is very little chance of weight having any effect on the performance of the bike too. But make sure it is not an adult bike but rather only for kids so no matter whatever your weight is, do not attempt to ride it along.

Also, the age limit that has been set up for the bike is 8 years and above. This means that if you have any smaller child below 8 years, it is better to not let them ride the bikes no matter what. It might only be a toy ride, but still not suitable for small kids as it can catch speed and you may not want your kids to get hurt.

As we speak here about the parts of this razor electric 4 wheeler, there is some highly durable yet brilliant addition to make it easier to drive. This bike runs with a maximum speed of 8mph. It has powerful hand-operated brakes that allow the bike to stop immediately with little press so that it is safe to drive overall. For throttle or to increase the speed, it has a twist grip on the handles and is very comfortable to use as well.

This kids razor ATV has 12” steel wheels with knobby and pneumatic tires. You may also find storage capacity that has been put in a vertical fashion to save enough space. Although the bike may come with every instruction you need, you may have to fit in some parts as well or simply adjust it according to your child. Like we had said that the bike gives a good top speed making you feel riding a real thing.

For now, you may think of this as a real or something too dangerous for your kid. However, it is more of a toy that can only gain a small speed even after the full throttle. Moreover, it is built perfectly well and the parts used are of the best quality. Make sure to wear the helmets and other safety aspects, so that there are no injuries whatsoever.

You can rely on the bike too and you need to be careful about your child using it since you would not want any issue to happen as if your kid has no idea to ride these hangs, he or she would need proper walkthrough in the instructions so that nothing is affected.

If you are planning to buy the dirt bike, well you should know that you may have to make certain adjustments to get it running. It weighs about 75 pounds which isn’t too heavy in itself and feels very light while driving it. Furthermore, the package does contain all the parts of the bike along with the battery charger which is quite useful since you cannot make things work without it.

According to our razor dirt quad reviews, the entire assembly of the bike should not take more than an hour of something. Simply go through the instructional annual and you are good to go. You can gift this to your child on the holidays, or the birthdays would work fine as well. If this is something your child will love the most then spending some money may not be that big a deal.

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Who Should Buy The Razor Dirt Quad?

The Razor Dirt Quad is suitable for children ages 8 years and above. If you are completely alright with the entire idea behind giving your child the dirt bike, well you are going to love it. Make sure you are aware of everything and the features of the bike. It is advisable that one should not ride it below the age of 8 since that could get very dangerous.

Moreover, these are a little costly too. So, you should only buy it if you are okay with spending such an amount on your kid. You can give your kid on birthday, holidays, or any such occasion to make their day. There could be nothing more exciting or even better than this.

Tao Tao ATV - The Best Alternate!

Tao Tao ATV is another alternative that you can choose for your kid as their favorite dirt quad bike. It surely is a bit more costly than Razor and you may have to have a big budget overall, but if the cost isn’t an issue everything works out fine. We loved the design and how stylish it looked overall. The amazing red color does add a lot of style to the bike and makes it look intimidating.

Moreover, it is believed that Tao Tao is one of the finest brands that make the best utility ATVs in the world. The best part is that it is safe and secure for children. This four-wheeler quad bike is suitable for children with ages above 7 years. The Tao Tao 110cc ATV is fully automatic that means you can accelerate it in the forward and in the reverse direction as well. It creates a perfect balance overall to the one who is riding and a lot easier. It even has the climbing ability which makes it worth every penny.

Unlike Razor Dirt Quad, the motor on this one has more power with a top speed of 55km/h. Although you may need to keep the speed in check if your child is driving since you would not want them to trip over. Moreover, the bike is made with absolute precision keeping every safety feature in mind. Also, you can ride it even on difficult terrains with the superb tires that can bear any such change in terrain. Furthermore, it supports the weight capacity of about 60kg which is exceptionally good.

On average we did like the battery power that can run for as long as an hour or so. However, it will take a lot of time to recharge. So, make sure you give it a full charge the day before so that you can enjoy the ride the next day. Furthermore, you can start up the bike either with electric power or simply a kick like any normal bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

No, unfortunately, the Razor Dirt Quad does not have the reverse option. This is not a fully automatic bike, so that can be something a little challenging for you. But with the budget and the overall cost of the bike, everything works out for the best.

The Razor Dirt Quad comes with a charger since it runs on battery. This makes it highly eco-friendly and you can save up a lot of time on fuel. Once you receive the bike, you are provided with the manual that will help you charge the bike. Simply plug in the charger into the port and switch on the power. As soon as you plug in the light may turn red and after its fully charged it will turn green.

Razor Dirt Quad has the battery power of 24v. It is very clear that they are a lot more powerful and worthy than the 12v batteries. Such bikes can travel up to 6mph which is great for good speed and also suitable for children.

Final Verdict

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Razor Dirt Quad and how brilliant is its built quality. Having a four-wheeler has its own benefits. Not only is it safe but being a dirt bike makes it even more interesting overall. The best part is that it runs on battery power and saves the environment. We loved how smooth the rides had been on the bike with the presence of rear suspension.

You can easily glide through mud, dirt, or any such difficult terrain with minimum jerks or none at all. Your child will be perfectly safe as long as he or she has a safety helmet and other gears on. Moreover, the coil shock absorbs any jerks or vibrations while riding the bike making it easier for the kid to ride on it. Apart from this the tires, speed control, and the entire structure have been made in the sense to keep your child secure and to have the greatest experience. You can simply order the bike at your convenience and follow every instruction to assemble and get started. 

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