Top 5 Fastest Electric Bikes In 2022

fastest electric bike

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In the past decade or so, electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity as they have almost become the future of quick and green commuting. Not only is biking a great exercise, but it also allows the rider to add an element of fun and adventure to their daily commuting. Traveling on a daily basis may be seen as a mundane activity, but with so many electric bikes coming up these days, this reputation is bound to change. 

There are many types of electric bikes – electric bikes made specifically for the purpose of hunting, for off-roading, for mountain biking – but in this article, we will solely focus on the element of speed.

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 All the electric bikes mentioned in this article offer great speed, which is a great feature to invest in if you are required to use an electric bike on a daily basis to cover long distances every single day.

We have picked out electric bikes with different motor powers, different batteries, and costs, so that there is something for everyone, and based on your needs and budget, you can pick one which will best suit your requirements. Go ahead, do your research, and read about all these electric bikes so that you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

1. Bakcou Flatlander Electric Hunting Bike

As the name speaks, Flatlander is a perfect electric bike that can be your hunting companion. Hunting is a rough activity that needs special features in a bike. As per the same, the Flatlander is filled with such features. Built of alloy aluminium frame, the bike is also bulletproof for safety. A bike is a tough machine with a rear hub motor of high end.

To provide a great grip the bike has a wide handlebar and lockable handle grips. The paddles on the bike are wide and deep cleated to provide extra grip for the boots and shoes. The LCD display on the bike not only makes it look super cool, but it also displays the needful information. The flat tires on the bike can take you from mountain peaks to flat surfaces as hunting grounds can differ for all. It also comes with a rare rack to carry around stuff or your hunt. This bike has covered you and will be a great companion when hunting.  

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2. Rip current S Electric Fat Tire Bike

One of the more affordable and reasonable bikes on the list, don’t mistake this bike to be any lesser! With a 750-watt motor that gives you the ability to reach top speeds of 28 miles per hour, you can use this bike for general commuting as well as for adventure-filled activities like mountain biking or offroading. The possibilities with this bike are endless, and you can do it all, depending on what your need at the moment is.

Filled with features that will make you feel like it is worth all your money, there is very little room for disappointment when you invest in this bike. ‘No need to worry about fuel’ – just let this bike charge overnight and you are good to go the next day. Strong and sturdy, this bike will also last for many years, but you will have to put in the work to make sure it stays in the best shape possible.

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3. LMT’D Electric Bike

Slightly more expensive than the previous electric bike we featured in this article, this electric bike is quite powerful and special. People who own this bike swear by its awesome geared MXUS motor that is made to give you a killer performance. While the range might be slightly lower than expected, you can still achieve about 40-50 miles on a single charge in the most optimum riding conditions.

Ride it on the streets or in hilly areas for a thrill of adventure, this is a versatile bike that will have your back and keep you safe and stable no matter what. The frame is also very durable while being lightweight so you can carry it easily for short distances if you need to. 

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4. Segway X260 Dirt eBike

Segway X260 Dirt eBike, as the company promises, gives a new definition to electric dirt biking. The bike is absolutely lightweight, compact, portable, easy to use, and does not ask for a lot of effort in maintenance. The strong body of the bike makes it run swiftly between the mountains and on tracks. The bike can easily climb slopes up to 45 degrees with 48 spokes supporting the wheel. For the people who love stunts, the bike is a great choice to perform wheelies with safety.

Being an electric bike, the first charge of the bike only takes 4 hours and it runs 74.6 miles in a charge. To go further, one can have extra charged batteries and simply swap them when one dies out. The waterproof body of the bike even has a heat absorption technique. It does not get too heated up and gives you a marvellous dirt biking experience.

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5. Magnum Premium 48v Electric Folding Bike

Made for urban commuting, maybe to and from work, this is one such bike you can consider buying for yourself if you care about the environment and are looking for an eco-friendly solution to carbon emissions. And you know what’s better? You can easily fold this bike up when not in use, helping you save space and also easily board any other means of public transport. Fun and quirky, this is an electric bike that will fit your needs if riding around the city is your main objective. The seat is comfortable and safety features are intact, making it a great electric bike for beginners as well as advanced riders.

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Features to consider while buying an electric bike – A Buyer’s Guide!

fastest ebike

It can be quite a daunting experience to pick between all the different types of electric bikes out there. Making a decision is now as difficult as ever because of the sheer number of products launched in the recent past. To make the best and most informed decision, we suggest that you focus on the following features –

The motor of an electric bike is the heart of the bike. Powered by a battery, the motor is responsible for the speeds the bike can hit and the acceleration of the bike. For a decent speed and acceleration, we suggest that you go for an electric bike with a motor of 500 to 700 watts. Such an electric bike is capable of reaching speeds from 30 miles per hour and more. If the wattage is higher, you can reach higher speeds with great acceleration. Pay attention to the wattage of the bike, this is essential to your riding experience.

The battery is what runs the motor. The power and quality of the battery is very key to the functioning of the electric bike. The quality of the battery will also mean that the price of the bike will vary. The strength of the battery will also determine how many miles you can run for once it has been changed completely. This figure is called the range of the bike. The quality of the bike is also determined by the time taken to charge the battery.

If you love speed and like the options of choosing between different speeds of the bike, then have a look at the gear system. Most electric bikes will feature Shimano gears, ranging from 3 to 12 gears. This is a great way for the rider to control the bike and be more in control of the speed. Gears allow you to play around with the speed and optimize your riding experience as per your personal convenience. 

Electric bikes all come with braking systems, and there are many different types of braking systems. If you speak about electric bikes, in particular, some of the most popular and effective braking systems are mechanical, hydraulic and disc braking systems. Make sure that you test out the braking system or do immense research on the type of braking system your electric bike has. This allows you to be safe and be in control of your speed when you are riding. 

In the simplest terms, the larger and wider the tires of their electric bike are, the more stable and smooth the riding experience would be. If you are into mountain biking or off-roading, then the size of the tires matters a lot. For such athletic and adventure related purposes, the best thing to do would be to go for an electric bike with fat and large tires as they give you better grip and stability while riding. 

Most electric bikes come with a feature of having an LCD screen on the handlebars. This screen shows you the distance covered, current speed, battery levels, and time you have ridden the bike for. Make sure that the quality of the screen is superior and is large enough for you to see clearly when you are riding. 

Other additional features will ensure that your riding experience is elevated. These features include having a carrier basket, front and rear fenders to protect your bike from dirt, a loud bell/horn, bright headlight, and taillights. A water bottle holder is also a great addition that will help you stay hydrated when you ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

While most electric bikes are street-legal in the US, there are certain electric bikes that cross the safe speed limit for riding on public roads. So before you go ahead and assume that all electric bikes are street-legal, it is important that you do your personal research to check whether the model you are interested in is street-legal in your area or not. In any case, it is best to ride with all safety precautions, helmet and all.

Yes, electric bikes are very safe for the environment. They do not release any carbon emissions and don’t use any fuel. They run on electrical power. They need to be charged and then can run smoothly, without emitting harmful emissions into the air. 

There are electric bikes available in all ranges – from low-end bikes that are easier on your wallet, to high-end electric bikes that may require more investment, but they have the ability to serve for a longer time and give a more powerful performance. You can pick from any bikes falling between this range.

We strongly recommend that electric bikes be used by people who are over the age of 16 years. This age limit has been put purely because electric bikes have a lot of power, which if placed in the hands of an inexperienced rider, can cause a lot of damage. 

Yes, electric bikes can be used for off-roading. There are many different types of electric bikes used for different purposes. If you are looking for an electric bike that is solely used for off-roading, then go for a bike that has fat tires, giving you additional grip and stability. 

Final Verdict

Electric bikes are the perfect mode of transportation for people who are eco-conscious and care about their physical health. It can get a bit too tiring if you are riding a regular bike for long distances every single day, which is why electric bikes give you the extra power and zeal to cover these distances while breaking into not a lot of sweat. Enjoy the outdoors and make traveling on a regular basis a fun activity and break the mundane patterns of life! Get yourself an electric bike today!

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