Mongoose Expo Scooter Review [Updated 2022]

mongoose expo scooter

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5/5 Rating

“Perfect for riders 6 to 9 years old, maximum weight 220 lbs. Looks like a Mongoose bike but rides over all the stuff that inline skate wheel scooters can’t. ”

mongoose 12 inch expo scooter

When we talk about thrill adventures, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Mongoose Expo Scooter. The scooter was initially designed for kids and is marketed as such.

The reason behind the construction was to get children to enjoy some extreme riding but with a scooter that is safe and comfortable to ride.

While it was designed for youths, it has caught the attention of some adults as well. So today, we will do an in-depth review of the Mongoose 12” Expo Scooter. Once reading the review, you can decide if the scooter is a worthy option or not. 


Mongoose Expo Scooter Features

The Mongoose 12 inch Expo Scooter is mainly intended to provide kids with fun and entertainment. It is a 20-pound non-folding scooter with durable tires to tackle any surface. Children can use it to move over packed earth, bricks, vegetation to sidewalks. But there are some standout features when it comes to this thrill-seeking scooter.

One thing the Mongoose kick scooter is loaded with is quality. The dropouts are securely welded to the frame offering a solid construction, so your child will travel on a solid structure. It provides a weight capacity of up to 220lbs. So now you can see why this scooter is an attraction for adults too.

The handlebars are upright, but it is adjustable to tip forward to provide the best kick. It is just great to see that the brand offers this if you do need it. Yet, if you are taller than 5 feet, replacing them with a bigger one may be better.

As with any scooter, the foot deck is essential, as it needs to keep your feet stable. The only downside with the Mongoose 12 Expo Scooter is that the deck is made of plastic. However, it is wide for stability and provides balance when needed during your roller coaster.

The plastic deck might be okay for kids, but it is not the real deal for adults, and finding their foot setting is difficult as it is not wide enough. There is an option to replace the deck with a wider metal one. But make sure to get an anti-slip and powder-coated deck to prevent slippage.

Now, this is where the Mongoose Expo Scooter stands out for safety. It has BMX-style caliper handbrakes. So your kid can stop on the spot. Any rider can feel confident using this braking system, and you can adjust them. The only concern is the pad materials used in the construction are not the best.

So why do we say this? The problem is that when you engage the brake levers, the pads tend to slip on the rims. If you want more safety, a replacement is needed with ones providing an instant stop instead but it remains an excellent option for doing tricks.

Your child can still do BMX-style tricks up to 360° to rotate the front wheel and not twist the brake cables.

When you look at the majority of other scooters, you find it clunks over sidewalks. Sometimes the tires get spoilt moving over pebbles as well. Now, with the Mongoose kick scooter, this does not happen as your child can even go over loose sand. The 12-inch air tires allow your kid to go everywhere.

When you invest money in a scooter for your kid, it needs to be comfortable to carry. Well, one thing is sure about the Mongoose 12-inch Expo Scooter it is feather-light for them to commute with. With the lightweight design, your child can balance and coast with ease.

One area where the Mongoose 12” Expo Scooter gets a lot of praise is assembling it. You receive it un-assembled, but there is no need to panic. According to many parents, it is easy to put together. In addition, you receive a detailed user manual to help.

Mongoose 12″ Expo Scooter Review:

This Mongoose kick scooter will surprise you as it has some fantastic features to blow your mind. The fun thing is that it is not only for kids but also for adults to use. So you can use it for short travels to have fun.

So you get built-in quality, design, performance, flexibility, and speed to traverse from the road to gravel trails easily. You get dual 12-inch wheels in the kick scooter filled with air to hold the weight of adults and kids. Further, you can jump curbs right onto grass without any concerns about falling.

Even the caliper brakes provide controlled stops while the foot deck is expansive enough for any kid to use. So your kid will quickly get the thrill of scooting new trails without any concerns. The familiar BMX-style bike design makes riding simpler.

Your kid has brake grips on the handlebar while the triangular handlebar adjusts to various heights. One thing is sure the Mongoose 12 inch Expo Scooter is definitely cool. You or your kid will have speed-walking superpowers zipping around town fast instead of by foot.

Further, it is lightweight compared to a bike, as once you start hurrying through the city, you can reach your destination rapidly. Another benefit of this kick scooter is that kids can do loads of tricks.

As mentioned, the 12-inch tires have the ability to do some exceptional BMX-style maneuvers. So you can expect that it performs well on both bad and good roads. In addition, the giant food deck can handle any load, even an adult weighing up to 220 pounds.

With the BMX freestyle, you and your kids can have fun as the build is sturdy and durable. You get better control with the caliper brakes, and the choices of colors are exceptional. The best part is the affordable price.

Reasons to Buy and Not to Buy The Mongoose Kick Scooter:

The Mongoose 12-inch Expo Scooter is definitely made for kids, but it does not stop you from taking it for a ride. If your child can ride a bike, then the kick scooter is a breeze to use. So if you have pre-teens long past the toddler stage, it is a worthy option to consider.

The important thing is that your kid needs to have the confidence to ride a bike, and once they learn to balance, they will not put this scooter down. Further, it provides you with loads of advantages. The foot deck is expansive for kids and adults. The BMX freestyle rotor with axle pegs allows kids to do some amazing tricks.

The handlebars adjust to different heights, and the brake cables are durable and free-floating. For controlled stopping, the dual brakes are tremendous, and the wide-grip handlebar provides you with comfort. The downside is it does not fold up, and for the tires, you need to invest in a bicycle pump.

As it is made for kids, the handlebars might not be comfortable for adults to use. The wheels have plastic rims that might break under pressure and we would have liked it if the spokes of the wheels were a bit thicker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you adjust the Mongoose scooter brakes?

The Mongoose Expo Scooter comes with a standing level. So you need to stand on your kick scooter to adjust the brakes. After standing on it, you need a brake spanner to change it. Then, your turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise based on the adjustment you need.

Are Mongoose scooters worthwhile buying?

Yes, it is, as it has all the features a kid needs to have fun. The body is made of high-quality material, and the deck is durable to carry a lot of weight. The best part is the performance will blow your away.

What is the max weight load and height of the Mongoose 12-inch Expo Scooter?

The frame can handle up to 220 pounds of weight and is suitable for people under five feet. With that kind of weight capacity, there will be no issues with your kids using it and it will be able to take plenty of punishment.

Can you adjust the handle up and down?

Yes, you can adjust the handle to 34-inches and suitable for kids aged four years and above. You child is going to get many years of enjoyment from this excellent scooter.

Do you receive the kick scooter pre-assembled?

Unfortunately, not, as you need to put it together. It does come with assembly instructions and thankfully it’s very easy to do. In a matter of minutes, you’re going to have a fully functioning kick scooter that is incredibly fun.

Final Verdict

Have you been looking for an excuse to buy a kick scooter to commute around town? Then investing your money in the Mongoose Expo Scooter is a great option. It does not cost a fortune and presents you with versatility and solid build construction.

Whether buying it for your child or yourself, you’re going to love this scooter. It’s well worth the money for its long list of excellent features and build quality.

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