5 Best Electric Bikes For Kids In 2022 (7-14 Years Old)

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The best electric bike for kids comes with a powerful motor and sturdy frame, allowing your child to explore the outdoors with their friends. Some electric bikes also have remote control, allowing parents to monitor their children all the time. Ebikes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, but you don’t need to worry because we have compiled and reviewed some of the best options on the market today.

And if you’re still confused, we have provided a guide on how to choose the best children’s electric bike that fits your child’s riding level and style. But before we talk about the best electric bikes for kids in 2022, let’s first discuss why you should consider investing in this vehicle.

Kids electric bikes are fun, safe, and easy to use. It also offers many benefits. For starters, electric bikes can get your child outdoors. It’s not easy for parents to convince their kids to go outside. Most kids today prefer playing online games or watching TikTok videos instead of playing outside with their friends.

But you might be able to convince your child to go out and play with their friends with an electric bike for kids. These vehicles can help strengthen leg muscles and burn calories, and it’s also a sustainable mode of transportation. Tell your child how riding a kid’s bike can benefit their body and the environment.

You can also buy an e-bike for yourself and explore new areas with your child. Riding an e-bike together is one of the best ways to get some exercise and spend time with your little one. So here are the best e-bikes for kids today.

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Best Electric Bikes For Kids In 2022 (7-14 Years Old):

1. Sailnovo 14-Inches Electric Bicycle for Adults and Teenagers

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bicycle for Adults and Teenagers is a little but durable electric bike that both adults and teens can ride. It’s the perfect bike for everyone with its features made, so everything is easy from assembly to use. It takes only a few minutes to set it up, providing a smooth ride as you go around town or just about anywhere.

Key Features:


Final Verdict –

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike is the perfect bike if you’re looking for quality, speed, and affordable cost. It has plenty of practical features, from the LED lights to the dual brake, increasing its safe use. It is heavy, though, but that adds to the bike’s durability and stability for an excellent off-road journey.

2. STACYC 12EDrive Balance Bike for Kids

The STAYC 12eDrive Electric Balance Bikes are rider-friendly bikes ideal for new riders. With its two wheels, this bike is great at helping new riders in getting their balance. Its design makes it great for kids with the different modes allowing them to graduate from one speed to another as they get better.

Key Features:


Final Verdict –

If you want an electric bike that suits your little ones, the STACYC 12eDrive is one of the best choices. The bike is ideal even when the kid has little to no experience riding a balance bike. Since it comes with a non-powered mode, your child can learn how to balance, push, and coast on a bike made for absolute safety.

3. Woom UP 5

Woom UP 5 is a supercharged electric mountain bike with well-rounded features and is ideal for kids 7 and up. It’s a bike that can handle trails and gravel with excellent stability and safety. This electric bike promises to provide riders with a smooth ride with features with kid’s safety in mind.

Key Features:


Final Verdict –

Woom UP 5 is one of the best choices if you’re looking for feature-rich electric bikes. It is designed for a smooth, comfortable ride without compromising safety. All its features are easy to operate, perfect even for younger kids.

4. KGK 20″/26″ EBike

The KGK 20″/26″ EBike helps you save on car maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs. You don’t need to worry about parking fees as well. Since it’s an electric mountain bike, you are also doing your part in protecting the environment by producing less air pollution.

Plus, it’s suitable for adults, teens, and elders who want to burn calories and keep their mind and body by exercising. So if you’re looking for an electric bike for 10 year old, the KGK 20″/26″ EBike is one of your best options. It’s an ebike that the whole family can enjoy.

Key Features:


Final Verdict –

The KGK 20″/26″ EBike will allow your kid to explore faster and further. It’s not only stylish but also easy to use. On top of that, you can add a kettle holder or basket so that you can keep your belongings safe during the ride.

5. Nakto Discovery 20″ Fat Bike

The Nakto Discovery 20″ Fat Bike is ideal for casual riders and beginners. This bike can take on roads with potholes and bumps thanks to its fat tires. The pedal-assist mode also makes your trip more fun and comfortable.

You can ride the Nakto Discovery on crowded city paths and streets, so it’s suitable for roaming parks and sightseeing. Its compact frame is ideal for short-statured adults, women, and teens struggling with taller bikes.

Key Features:


Final Verdict –

The Nakto Discovery 20″ Fat Bike is not only ideal for kids. It’s also perfect for city dwellers, students, and office workers who need a comfortable mode of transportation every day. This bike is compact and can take on off-road paths and paved roads effortlessly.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike for Kids:

electric bike for kids

Don’t buy the first ebike you see. Remember, not all ebikes are the same. So to help you make an informed decision, consider the following factors when buying an electric bike for kids.

Most electric bikes for kids have a maximum speed of 25km/h or 15mph. When the motor reaches this speed level, it switches off. Some ebikes also have a switch that allows you to control the speed.

The right size depends on your child’s height and age. Two-year-old kids can ride 12″ and 14″ bikes, but only until they are four or five years old. A 16″ bike is suitable for kids aged five to 12. Remember that your child should easily reach the pedals, brakes, and other parts of the bike.

Many ebikes can accommodate up to 300 lbs. If your child is heavier than the bike, he won’t handle the vehicle properly. The bike will lose some speed as well. Ideally, the rider’s weight shouldn’t be less than 40% of the bike’s weight.

Ebikes with disposable batteries are cheaper than non-removable ones because you can change the battery if it gets damaged. But if you have a bike with a non-removable battery, you can seek assistance from the company’s customer support service anytime.

Keep in mind that electric bike kids are already more expensive than traditional bikes. So if you’re going to get an ebike with extra features, expect to pay a higher amount for it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Electric bikes are convenient and fun to ride. Perhaps you’ve finally decided to buy one for your child as a gift or reward. Regardless of your reason, here are the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes.

  • How can you limit the bike’s speed?

High speeds aren’t ideal for kids, so you need to test the bike’s speed before buying one. Most electric bikes today have speed controls that kids can easily use. Thus, kids can easily adjust their speed when riding their bikes.

  • Should you get a foldable bike?

It depends on your purpose. If you travel often, you will benefit a lot from a foldable bike, and it’s particularly beneficial when you have limited space at home. If you don’t need the bike, you can fold it down and keep it somewhere in your house.

  • Can you drive an ebike in the rain?

Unless the bike is waterproof, you should avoid using your ebike in the rain. Aside from protecting the bike’s electrical complications, you also want to keep your child safe all the time. Some bikes get sensor problems when wet, so avoid using your bike when it’s raining,

  • How fast can electric bikes go?

It depends on the location. In Australia, UK, and the EU, electric bikes can go up to 15mph or 25kph. In the US, electric bikes can travel up to 20mph or 32kph. Some electric bikes have powerful motors and can travel faster than 15mph.

  • Are ebikes heavier than standard bikes?

Yes, ebikes are heavier than standard bikes because they have a battery and a motor. Plus, ebikes often have more robust parts, like stronger wheels than traditional bikes. Due to these components, ebikes are more expensive than r bikes.

Final Verdict

Electric bikes are fun, but choosing one is not easy because there are many options out there. So consider the tips stated above, and you will find the best kids electric bicycle for your little one.

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