When to Replace Longboard Wheels? [2022 Updated]

When to Replace Longboard Wheels

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Over time, longboard wheels become smaller due to surface friction, and their efficiency decreases rapidly. As the friction reduces the diameter of the wheels, the softer wheels of the longboard are separated or create cracks. As a result, it becomes very uncomfortable to ride with cracked wheels and causes severe injuries in tracking.

To figure out which is the right time to replace the wheels, you need to look for a few signs. The common signs are wheels getting in irregular shape, shown signs of flat spots, coning, or major flat cracks, which means it is high time to replace your wheels with a new set. Through this article, we will let you know more details about when to replace your longboard wheels and why.

Why Need to Replace Your Longboard Wheels?

Longboard wheels are made of Polyurethane which contains all important properties that make the wheels hard, compression set, tear strength, and most importantly, rebound. When the wheel spins, the Polyurethane helps to compress and expand the wheels. But over time, wheels become worn or riding on the rough surface, the ability of the rebound is decreased. As a result, the wheels don’t get enough grip on the surface and cause cracks and splits.

However, you will need special Longboard Wheels for Rough Road riding that will prevent rebound decrease. Because when the longboard wheels decrease in diameter, they start to slow down. You will see the board does not go too far after being pushed. Besides, defect-shaped wheels don’t run on the rough surface and cause you to fall from the longboard. It will also be challenging to ride on smooth roads with defective wheels.

How Long Longboard Wheels Last?

Some longboard wheels last longer when compared to others. The durability of wheels depends on the quality, durometer scale, diameter, how much you ride, and what kind of longboard you have. Besides, the surface you ride is also an essential part of how long your wheels last. If you ride on a flat surface, then your longboard wheels will last longer. On the other hand, if you ride on a rough surface, your wheels will decrease rapidly. Moreover, in case your longboard has cheap wheels, there is a chance to damage your wheels quickly.

In What Cases Should You Replace the Longboard Wheels?

No matter how long you ride on the longboard, all parts lose their ability at a certain time. Here we have described some signs that help you to understand you should replace your wheels.

Wrong Shape

After a certain period of riding on the longboard, you will see potholes or flat areas on the wheels. This indicates those parts are already cracked and damaged. This crack will not provide you comfort while riding.

Feeling of Vibration

If your longboard wheels have any defects, you will feel thrown even when riding on the smooth surface. You may feel like you are jumping and seem stormy as if you were riding on hilly ground.

Wheels Color Change

As longboard wheels are made from Polyurethane, it has a specialty that can change its color in cracking and tearing. So, when you see the wheel turn yellow, it means you need to replace the wheels.

Diameter Reduce

Longboard wheels are worn down with time and daily use. Besides, the diameter becomes smaller due to friction on the surface. When you see the wheels are getting small in size, you have to replace the wheels.

Factors to Look Out When Choosing Longboard Wheels:

Longboarding is an excellent sport and quite different from skateboards. Choosing the best wheels is essential to ensuring a good experience. Follow the criteria below before making this important decision for your longboard.


Before choosing wheels, the first thing you need to look at is the diameter. The acceleration and speed of the wheels directly depend on the diameter. Typically, longboard wheels range in diameter from 60 mm to 80 mm.


Durometer means the level of hardness of a set of wheels that have a pretty major impact on the riding. Most longboard wheels have been designed with a hardness between 70a and 90a. Remember that if you want to ride faster, the soft longboard wheels won’t be for you.

Contact Patch Width

Contact Patch Width is another measure of the longboard wheels that refers to the part that makes contact with the road. Generally, this measurement varies between 30mm and 60mm for different wheels.

Core Setting

The core is the major part of the wheels that connect to your longboard. It can be set in a few different ways with specific settings that change the wheel’s performance. Three standard core settings are Centerset, Sideset, and Offset.

How to Prolong Longboard Wheels Life – Useful Tips:

Good longboard wheels will help you to avoid any injuries. So, longboards should be taken care of to keep the rider’s health safe. Below we have presented some tips to make your longboard wheels serve you longer.

Swapping your Details

Trying to place the front wheels in the rear place of your longboard means to place the wheels vice versa. You may place pressure on the back and front of the longboard while riding that puts a load on some particular parts of the wheels. Swiping the place will avoid friction of the same place, and the pressure will be equal to the four wheels.

All Parts Must Be Well-Groomed and Clean 

Sometimes the excess dirt gets stuck somewhere inside the longboard and puts pressure on the wheel, making it deteriorate quickly. So try to wash and spin the wheels at least once a week. It is advised to unscrew the suspensions, bearings, and bolts separately. Dry all the parts and screw them.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

After cleaning the longboard wheels, lubricate the bearing and even bolts with the special oil. This will improve the wheel’s performance, and the wheels will spin faster and smoother.


Everything will be worn down eventually, after being used continuously. So replacing your longboard wheels depends on how often you are riding and what wheels you use. Besides, you can replace your longboard wheels in two situations. One is if you are a regular user, then you should replace the wheels after three months.

On the other hand, an occasional user should change the wheels twice a year or depending on the wheel’s performance. However, to increase the lifespan of your longboard wheels, try to follow the mentioned tips that will help you to get rid of purchasing wheels frequently. If your wheels have shown deep signs of pitting and split, you should replace them immediately.

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